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We got a new job details in Artisan Crew Engineering (ACE) & they are Hiring Candidates for Written Content Creator / HTML Developer

Job Details
Company Name :
Artisan Crew Engineering (ACE)
Company Location :
Los Angeles, CA
Job Position :
Written Content Creator / HTML Developer
Job Category :
Jobs in California

Job Description :
Location: Torrance, Los Angeles – Department: Web Content Creation
This job / position / career is one of our core positions, and requires a stable, professional and passionate person. Your skills can make or break this position, and either really help us grow, or set us back a great deal so we take it extremely seriously and we need you to as well.
Interested? Let us explain.
None of our positions are “sales”, everyone here needs to be in production. We don’t, however, just have “coders”. We have contents creators that can do HTML / CSS, or Photoshop and Illustrator.
Who you are: 1. A person with skills than lend themselves to being an online contents creator including strong creative and research writing skills, a superior ability to parse information and rewrite it in an informative and creative way for end-users, and HTML & CSS. 2. A funny person. Clever works too. A meme lover. A giggler. 3. The person who wants this job the most. 4. Maybe a beginner, but you are able to answer questions about the HTML / CSS source code on a responsive website that you’ve coded by hand either as a hobby or on the job and you understand that we’ll ask you to do exactly that at the interview; pull up source code you’ve written and answer basic HTML questions. 5. A person who understands that saying “Sure, I’m interested in HTML”, but who has never actually done any HTML on their own probably doesn’t actually know if they’re interested in HTML or not. You don’t have to be an expert, but if you’ve never, of your own volition tried writing or HTML / CSS, chances are, you’re not passionate enough about it to have a career in it here.

Let us put this in a different, and rather blunt way; We’re a boutique company and every single day and every single person counts. If you’re just “trying on” careers at this point, and think “Internet Content Creator / HTML Developer” sounds like a cool title but haven’t taken the actual work for a spin even if it’s just on your own, we can’t risk the time / training it takes for you to figure out if more than the title appeals to you. We’re glad to take a risk on unproven talent, but you’ll have to have gotten yourself into the race already for us to know you’re on a course that matches. In other words, we don’t invest in people who haven’t invested in themselves.

How to apply: This is the first round interview!
1. We need your resume as text in the body of an email or as a link online; no attachment files will be accepted.
2. Put “[ACE] HTML-WRITER-(last name)” in the subject line of your email.
3. Next, Link the BEST of your HTML, CSS, Responsive web, written contents, and tell us why it was effective, or not.
4. Tell us how many hours you’re looking for, from when, and your current and desired hourly salary.
5. Tell us a skill you’ve spent a great deal of time attaining, (it doesn’t have to be job related, it can be a sport, artistic skill, language), let us know what walls and obstacles you’ve faced attaining the skill, what your current level of that skill is, and how you got better at it, or why you gave up.
6. Tell us what you think a small to mid-sized business is looking for in an employee. Tell us what you think the differences are between a boutique business and large corporations.
7. Please tell us how you’ve invested in yourself to make you be more likely to get the job you want.
8. Tell us what your passion is, and what drives you in life.
9. Pretend we’re a band. 9a. What is your role in our band? 9b. Now pretend you’ve injured whatever part of your body you need to play that role in our band. What do you do? 10. Please tell us what you think we’re trying to learn about you with these questions. (“We” can be any small or mid-sized business.) To explain a little, we’re asking you to be us, the company hiring, investing in a person to help make sure we all have jobs and salaries that fulfill us as human beings. We’re looking for introspection here. Are you able to analyze and understand what is most needed from you in this environment? Do you offer it?

Who will hate this job? 1. People who hate / aren’t interested in HTML, the internet, humor, and how information is spread on the internet. 2. People who think work should be like school except that now they get paid to learn. 3. People who like a job because it’s easy and they can coast. 4. People more interested in being a tiny part of a adequately done big thing rather than being a huge part of a new thing. 5. People who think there is / people who are more comfortable with one “right” answer to a great yawning abyss of potential. 6. People who don’t want a huge amount of responsibility for the success of the end-product. 7. People who applied for this job but couldn’t be bothered to read all the way here to #7. 8. People who applied for this job but couldn’t be bothered to read all the way here to #8.

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